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They may not be as cool as you favorite artists, or as well done as your own; but they are mine (Bases not included) and that means something to me. Perhaps it means something to you too.


Not all of these pictures are the best but the people who made them tried, they put their heart into it, and i like them.


Chapter one: Smiles

A young woman hummed lightly to herself. Futilely she hoped to see someone she knew, anyone at all. Yet every face she passed blurred together into one mass of nobodies. All of them were people she couldn't identify with. Sure most she knew the names of, could recognize from afar, but none were friendly to her. None would she ever open up to or give a real smile.

Some growled at her, cursing her and shoving her. Grumbles about irresponsible children needing parents were hissed at her. Whispered to friends in a group that passed. THey all thought her to be a child. Thought her to be nothing of important and thought today was just another day.

But to her it wasn’t. To her it was so much more. Today was her twentieth birthday and all she wanted was to be with someone. If only for a few moments.

Even though her mood dropped more and more she kept up her tune. Never letting anyone know that the songs lyrics were sorrowful with an upbeat tune, hiding the truth. All the way through water seven she walked. Humming over and over and getting ridiculed and hit.

It wasn’t long before she gave up and moved towards a deserted area. Or what was normally deserted. The soft cooing of a bird caught her ear and her tune died out. Following the sound she tried to find it’s source. The bird would make alright company she supposed. Better than none at all.

To her surprise there was a man at a dead end street. On his shoulder sat the bird she had heard. The one that had called out and drew her over here like a siren would draw out pirates. Even now it continued it’s cooing, rubbing against the man’s head in a comforting kind of way. A way she currently yearned for.

From behind him she knew without a doubt he was beautiful by any woman's standards. His hair was long and wavy. A silky shine to it that stood out compared to his matte black top hat. Sitting where he was on the edge of the walkway and with his shoes off she figured his feet to be in the water. Submerged in the nice cool water on a hot day like today.

Next to him were a pair of shoes. Expensive looking ones that had seen many better and worse days. Scuffs that had nearly been shined out were easy enough to read. He liked to dress fine while he did a real mans work and made a living the fair way, not through pirating and many other dark ways.

Removing her shoes too she figured he had his pants to be rolled up. As she got closer to him the bird quieted and looked at her. Not taking off and not leaving it’s owner. Sitting next to him she saw that his pants were indeed rolled up and his feet were submerged. Silence ensued but it didn’t bother her.

The girl just watched as her feet swung, rippling the water but not going under it like his. She just watched her feet as he kept looking out at the horizon. Neither felt like breaking the silence for the stranger that was now accompanying them.

Time was relative. It came and went and a care was not given. Not for hours at least. As the sun began to set and the warmth of the hot day cool she knew it was time to go. She’d wasted an entire day. At least it was spent in a way that she liked. Turning her head she looked at him, waiting to see if he noticed her new position.

He did for he turned to look back at her. Silently she speculated that he must have seen her from the corner of his eye. That somehow he’d noticed her head twisting to face him. Without any hesitation she smiled widely at him. Not showing her teeth but a large smile graced her lips.

Happiness, friendliness, caring. It meant nothing but everything at the same time. It spoke volumes about her that only he could read or see as she stood up Shoes slipped onto her feet and she left. Walking at a slow, leisurely, pace. It was as if she had all the time in the world.

The man was bewildered. Who was she? Why had she sat with him? Smiled at him? He’d not asked her to or indicated he had wanted her to sit. Yet at the same time he’d not given any inclination that he wanted her gone. That girl had just kept him company when he wanted none yet some.

Not only had she done what he’d refused to ask of his associates, but she’d done it right. She was silent the entire time, not saying a single word yet still speaking the depth that he needed to hear. Her smile burned in his mind and he

The man smiled to himself. That girl had somehow fixed his day. Whatever had been bothering him wasn’t anymore. His shitty day had ended alright. It was the smile, he was sure of it. That’s what had made his day all that much better. He’d find her and repay her in kind one day.

Rob Lucci was a man of his word.
Lucci_Oc Short Story ReWritten 1
I'm taking my old Story… And rewriting the entirety of it. Hopefully.


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United States
Sup? So I'm not all that interesting, at least i don't think so. I'm just a high school grduate that can't get a job for the life of her. I would like to get into cosplaying but i have no friends that would like it or would be willing to go with me (at least none where i live) but i think i may try it.

Um I'm into fanfiction I prefer to do Oc/Canon stories but depending on who the canon/canon is i will write it too. Though personally i do not read them. And i like to draw but not as much as most of you on here and i prefer to use bases when i do because I'm not that creative in the drawing department.

If you ever want to talk to someone about any to everything I'm willing. I'm a figurative punching bag for my friends. They need to rant or yell at someone i let that someone be me because i know that it'll help and that half of what they say isn't true but how they feel at the moment. So one they're done ranting and they look to feel guilty i laugh and turn everything semi funny without destroying the entire mood of getting everything out.

I don't have many real friends. I know it's true though so it's all good. I only have one best friend in the entire world… and i think she needs a new and better icon pic.

Well i have noting else to say, i think someone on here should talk to me XD

Oh and I'm dating this weird guy that's in Florida. Here's his profile somnambulantzombie.deviantart.…


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Because I can. You can donate for free :iconiloveyouplz:

Or you can make a request for a oneshot. A oneshot, if you don't know, is a short onechapter story. You can make a request for nearly anything.

I know OP the best but I'll be willing to whatever you want really. Though I can't do maleXmale Or girlXgirl. Not, not because it 'disgusts' me. I'm a bi-sexual with past GF's. It's just that I'm not sure if I could do it any justice. I'll give it a try if you so wish but I MAKE NO PROMISES!

Also if you won't donate but you make let's say icons or whatever we could trade.

I'll be open to do most anything though so um there's a journal way down below with more info. As soon as I type it. ALso I don't do CanonXCanon cause I have a lot of trouble keeping both in character. So Please comment or something and lats talke

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So much shit has happened in little over three days that it is't even funny. Like I'm honestly not even surprised I had an anxiety attack in the middle of the street Monday. 

To begin explaining it really started bout noonish Sunday. I'm part of a youtube collab called the weekly queers and i post on Fridays. Friday the video didn't upload. Saturday I couldn't post it to FB for my friend to try and by Sunday it was accidentally deleted. Then that night my favorite pair of headphones (brand new btw) broke. I had hoped that was all but there were three perverts watching and harassing me after that. 

The first one was like one black that was constantly saying things like 'hey babe come over here!' and 'you wanna go get some?' there was also 'You got a boyfriend> wanna come home with me?' etc. Creeper2 is...i sat down with my food at the laundromat and as I was eating this old guy kept staring and watching and then when i went to move my clothes from the washer and dryer he followed me and kept watching me until i left. Finally creeper number three was driving a van or whatever as i walking my dogs. and he sat through a green light to yell and wolf whistle at me the entire time.

While at the laundromat the dryer was acting up. Normally this is such a stupid thing that I'd laugh about but then look at everything that has happened so far and you can see why it began to get to me. Nothing was going right.

Monday I wake up thinking it'll be better. But my fav hat is missing and i freak out spending an hour searching for it. Finally as I gave up i found it. I was like YES FINALLY THE CURSE IS BROKEN!!!!!! 




My fucking bike was stolen.

So for the passed two weeks I've been sick. First a fever then strep and the baby had a really bad diaper rash called a fungal rash and I felt so bad for her. Then the whole Friday Saturday Sunday things and finally Monday stolen bike i freaked out to say the least. In the middle of the street (i.e. sidewalk) I began to hyperventilate and cry and freak out in general. My first anxiety attack in public.

I called the only 'friend' in town and hung out with him and his gf, another 'friend'. It was cool and all good. That night everything seemed to be looking up. Tuesday was a breath of fresh air as I had no problems and even went to the movies and saw the conjuring (eh, it was alright to me). Wednesday (today) Holy shit was today good. Great the best! PRAISE THE LORD MY CURE WAS BROKEN!!!!!!!!

My brother, Cody, came into town and we hung out. Did a photoshoot type thing and I'll post pictures asap (a.k.a. soon as he gets off his lazy ass and send them to me). My hair dye finally came in and it's now lime green. I've been waiting a month or so to do this to my hair. 

Finally Cody left and my downtown 'friend' sent me a text. If the quotes around " 'friend' " don't give away where this is going, i honest think you need some help.

He began bad talking Cody. Implying shit and making me upset. then when he asked what color my hair was i said green and he's like 'of course. figures' blah blah blah, 'it's because his hair is green too' blah blah blah 'if i was Cody blah blah blah' etc. So no i feel like shit because i apparently 'ignored' him. I's so stupid for dying my hair green. i feel like shit again and was on the verge of a second anxiety attack.

So i was like 'fuck this' (i honestly threw my phone and left the apartment.) and went to yarn night. Had a great time crocheting, i love it, and when i get home after a nice two hours i find like ten degrading messages on my phone about how im a bad friend and how i made him feel like shit. Honestly with this kid he makes me want to jump off of a bridge. 

I'm not going to but at times it's hard because of this. I wanna be happy so i try to do things that make me happy. that make me not sad. But if i do those things i piss someone else off and when i say i don't care i was happy so i'm fine with it i'm a bad friend because i don't care about them. because i want to have one day where i don't think about slitting my own throat, cutting my wrists (i font but i think about it often) and so on.

I'm not allowed to be selfish and i just wish i could be. 

Like why don't I ever matter?


P.S. this is why i said night early. I'm going to bed now but i needed to get all of this out first. You know who you are that i'm talking to.

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